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Leigh Park



We are offering a variety of services at Davies Pharmacy in addition to ordinary prescription dispensing. You can benefit from:

Prescription Collection Service

We will collect prescriptions  from the local surgeries for you  to pick up from the pharmacy.  


New Medicine Service (NHS)

The pharmacist will explain in detail how to make the most of Your newly prescribed drugs


Medicine Use Review (NHS)

A full prescription “MOT”. The Pharmacist will answer any  queries you may have and explain how to get the most benefit out of your Medication


Blood Pressure Check

Free for customers using our prescription service



Diabetes testing


Chlamydia testing

for under 25s


Flu Vaccinations

(Privately and NHS)

Usually administered in October and November each year. Available to certain groups free on the NHS


Erection problems

(Viagra - no prescription needed)

A private service available in confidence for those aged  30 -65 who do not have contra-indicated medical conditions


Smoking Cessation (NHS)

Using nicotine replacement and Champix. Free to those who do not pay for their prescriptions

Services at Davies Pharmacy

Please get in touch if you have any queries regarding the services we provide.


Our phone numbers are

023 92 483 146 (Havant)

     023 92 475 577 (Leigh Park)

We are keen to have customer feedback to improve our service. What products and services would you like to see at Davies Pharmacy? Please email your comments and suggestions to [email protected] or fill in a suggestions form at the shop. We look forward to hearing from you.

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